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London is a heaven for casual drinkers and drink lovers alike: from drinking rooms to high-end hotel bars, the metropolis has somewhere to booze whatever the cause. Well, as the saying goes, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. For everyone who believes in this saying, and who just finds themselves in the almighty London, below listed is our collection of top 5 pubs in London that is just perfect to unwind after the days sweat break. Let's take a look!

1.Scarfes Pub at Rosewood London Located at 252 High Holborn, WC1V 7EN, The Rosewood is doubly unusual for drinkers, as they have two excellent spots. In the modern Dining Room, sit at the gin pub, which has anywhere else in London, with more than 400 Gins and 27 Tonics. Trying to choose is impossible, but what a delightful impossibility to have. The pub staff clearly had one hell of a tasting session as they know the list perfectly. Across the way is Scarfes Pub, a brilliant, brilliant pub gladly shaken free from all the stuffiness usually found in hotel bars. The drinks are remarkable, they often have live music, it gets amazingly busy and crackles with laughter, and the bar manager, Giovanni Spezziga, is a man who will treat you better than your family does. Go a little later and it is busier, people drink more, everything is better.

2. White Lyan White Lyan looked at other pubs, shrugged its shoulders and said: "to hell with it". No ice, no fruit and, er, no spirits — at least, not that you will spot on the shelves. Oh, they do not do shelves, either. Everything here lives in a fridge, and is premixed, but not like in that terrible pub you have been trying to forget since uni. It is done deftly, with a touch of science, as cool and bright as its black and white New-York-in-the-80s decor. There's no chance for going off the menu, but little need to drinks are mostly marvelous, bolstered by Mr. Lyan's own refined and remixed spirits. Their take on classic cocktails are excellent, but be brave and work from the Heaps Mad Shit menu. Odder; better. They also have their wines, cider, and a very decent lager. This is situated at 153-155 Hoxton St, N1 6PJ.

3. Andrew Edmunds, located at 46 Lexington St, W1F OLP is perhaps greater than it has ever been, Andrew Edmunds recently got The Good Drinking prize in our Restaurant Awards, and for good reason. It is a small place, cramped to the point that getting here on a first date feels like you are very forward indeed, with the best tables upstairs and not much to look at - just settle for being distracted by someone beautiful. The food, French-ish/English-ish, is fine, but it is the wine that's extraordinary. Also, you are here for wine: forget cocktails, they have. What a list, and so quietly marked up that you are getting a steal with almost every bottle — indeed, the more expensive, the better the deal. Having been going 30 years, those who knew old Soho say it is one of the last bastions of such things. Drink too much gorgeous wine and come back often.

4. The Connaught Pub A pub for the impossibly beautiful, a pub of high heels and glimmering lights, of perfume and leather. Aside from oddly thumping music, the Connaught is wonderfully detached from the world —a place of its own, cozy and winter warm when it needs to be, light and summer when desired. The drinks, naturally pricey, are well put together and while classic in tone, come with crackles of theater: washes in perfume bottles, branches as garnishes, smoke, the lot. Still, the martini trolley is what they are famed for, so it is only right to indulge. Afterward, head to the Champagne Room: sadly the law stops it being the cigar haven it once was, but it is still gorgeous: romantic and charming with its fireplace, dramatic with its glass ceiling and sculpture swan diving. Treat yourself to the Ruinart blanc de blanc. Damned good olives, too. You will find this heaven in London at Connaught, Carlos Place, W1K 2AL.

5. Bar Americain This great pub would be located at 20 Sherwood St, W1F 7ED. As the name suggests, this is a classic American bar and done near perfectly. One can become very fond of Bar Americain and very quickly: passing through Piccadilly Circus, it acts as a magnet — a quick negroni becomes a temptation impossible to resist. It is a gorgeous place, calling to mind grand Parisian hotels of the 20s and 30s, bottles winking from the pub, staff floating through with their finery and liters of charm. You are here to drink the classics: they have a killer Clover Club and a straight-down-the-line Manhattan. However, ask: the pub tenders know their stuff and bring their A-game to any challenge — tell them what you like, and they will bring you something new. They often have specials on, as well. Top marks for the attentive staff, bringing plenty of water and bowl after bowl of popcorn — both essential after a few here.