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Our planet is really a big place; we just forget that fact when planning for the vacation, be it international or domestics. We have numerous categories when planning for the vacation such as some of us want cheap and affordable holiday while some other people may want to visit famous tourist destinations, and so on. Perhaps, it is only a few of us who want to travel secluded places around the world.

As transportation and communication becomes more accessible and also cheaper for all. This result in more locations around the world becomes accessible and slowly gains popularity among those who love travel or want some privacy during the holiday. It is such as pleasure to be able to visit hidden places around the world and get the chance to share it with other people. If you are the type to discover new places on the planet; here are some of the great destinations and hidden places that you should know.


The factors that makes Iceland the perfect place for vacation is the scenic beauty such as mountains, hot springs, forests, and also great food. If you want to have a wonderful but does not actually want to be too far from the society; this is the perfect place. Iceland serves those who love wonderful wilderness as well as enjoy the modern cities. To get to this country, Iceland provides a flight to and from numerous countries. This place is also one of the most affordable holiday destinations for international visitors.

Manono, Samoa

Located in the South Pacific, Samoa archipelago is famous for the natural beauty. Manono is one of the islands in Samoa which you will find no car on the island. In fact, electricity has just come in this island in 2003. You can imagine how pure and virgin the scenery in the island. To visit Manono, you can ride a boat from Upolu, the most populated island in Samoa for about 20 minutes only. Just as information, there are only a few tourists who come or stay overnight. If you decide to stay overnight, you can stay in simple villas which run by the local families. Each villa has a stunning view of the blue lagoon from each balcony. There is not much to do in the island, but you can walk around the island and make a stop to talk with the local people or find a private beach to swim. You can notice even if you are the only tourist in the island; no one will know the difference.

Belleville, Paris

If talking about Paris, some of you may think of Eiffel Tower or shopping for some branded stuff. However, Belleville is one of the exceptions of the busy Paris. This place is formerly known as a hilltop village which is surrounded by wineries and farm. This place can be considered as a place under the radar. Belleville has emerged as the most artistic and happening area in the city with the mural and mosaic terrace. This place is perfect for you who love art and traveling.

Frasers Hill, Malaysia

If you are looking for a different vacation destination in Asia, perhaps Fraser Hills in Malaysia should be added in your list. This place is used to be a colonial hill station; therefore, no wonder if the place looks like a scene in Jane Austen. You can find mock-Tudor bungalows, cream teas, Toby jugs, and even red post box in each village square. To reach this hill, you will only need to drive for about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur. The long drive from the city perhaps is the factor that keeps visitor away. There is nothing much that you can do here except playing golf and sip teas. If you need a quite place with charming scenery; let’s hope that this place will never change.

Second Valley, South Australia

Australia offers lots of pleasure for most tourists with its rugged beach, world class fishing, by the sea lodge, and also fresh gin. But more quite place is the Second Valley which is located in Fleurieu Peninsula in the charming South Australia. This place is located only 90 minutes away from Adelaide. There are numerous things that you can do in this island swimming on the beach, see caravan park, snorkeling, and also scuba diving. The best time to visit here is around February.

Palau, Micronesia

Located in Philippine Sea, there are around 500 islands that can be a great getaway destination. Palau is an island located 2200 kilometers from north Darwin. But if this island is not located in isolation; this would be a crowded by travelers from all over the world. The real reason to fly half across the globe to visit this island is the private beautiful beach and also watches the wonderful greenery. If you are a coral fan; diving on this island can be a wonderful experience. Palau in Micronesia can be considered as a truly hidden place for a great holiday.