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I was a Game of Thrones fan, but at some point I became tired with the series. Not because of the story, but during the never ending waiting for the new seasons I lost my excitement. Just think about it: in every season there are 10 episodes, which means 10 weeks, and then you have to wait other 42 to move on with the story. And the next season is still not the last one. Not a great deal. This is why I’m not interested in the Westworld.

I don’t want to spend another 5-6-7 years with waiting for a mystery to be solved, and thinking about crazy theories. Fortunately, there are a lot of other options, such as miniseries, antology series or old series and I would like to list some of my favourites.


The 60s, Kennedy and Stephen King. The series convinced me only with these three things. I haven’t read the book yet, so I can’t compare the two, and I read a lot of comments about that the book was far better than the series blablabla, just usual stuff. Yet, I really liked to watch it, especially because of its atmosphere and the small details hidden in the story. On one hand, you get everything you expect from the 60s’ America: … On the other hand however, you can see that this age is not a golden age at all: there is racial segregation, naivity accompanied by narrowness and everything is labelled as bad, which differes from the ”normal”. And a person’s behaviour, who arrived from the 21st century, can be anything but normal in those days. The other thing why I loved this series, is that it doesn’t want to add any new theories about the assasination or play out the card of an old one. However, there was one great scene which was like a signature from the creators: yes we know about the other theories, yes, they are presented now here, yet, if you don’t pay attention or just simply you’re not familiar with the conspiracy theories, you probably won’t notice this scene. Most of the time I felt that the whole Kennedy line is just a framework, and not the main story, but I didn’t mind it at all.

True Detective

First, I would like to tell you, that I only watched the first season and I’ll write about it in the followings, but maybe I’ll give a try to the second one as well during this long long winter. When I started to watch this series, I only knew a few things about the plot, I heard that this was about murder and brutality. I both like Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaghey and I was happy to see them together and they do play great together. The focus were on two storylines: the investigation of the murder and of course on the two detective’s personal life. Their different personality resulted funny conversations, which ease the tense, as first the character of Harrelson didn’t really understand the philosofical character of McConaghey. From the two of them McConaghey was who could perfectly assimilate in the dark environment of the series, for me, he is the true detective. I know that some were disappointed with the ending, and to tell you the truth I can agree with them. Before the last episode I read some theories and I expected something more thrilling and shocking, but somehow I found it a missed opportunity. Here you can read about these theories, but only before the last episode, otherwise it won’t make a lot of sense: link. On the other hand the ending also leaves a lot of questions behind (at least for me) that you can think about for days. Don’t get me wrong, despite this, it was great and I’ll definitely rewatch the first season again.


If you were teenager in the past decade, you are definitely familiar with this british series. If you are teenager now or a young adult, and haven’t heard about it, you should check it out. The full cast was changed after every two years and there were three ”generations” altogether. I’ll tell you the truth again, I didn’t see the seasons about the third generation, and the reason for this is simply I felt that the series couldn’t give me more. My favourite was the first generation, because I could love everyone (maybe a little bit hate them as well at the same time), and I was interested in everyone’s storyline. The episodes are focusing on one particular character, except for the first and last episodes of the season, when everyone is in the focus. I really liked this approach, simply because it was really interesting to see where the certain characters come from and who they really are, when they leave behind their masks and roles outside their circle of friends. The other thing why I really loved the series, is that every character has a typical teenager problem, which often resulted in funny, astonishing and sad situations, yet you can imagine yourself so easily in their shoes. The series started to be aird nearly ten years ago, but it seems that the teenagers’ problems are still actual in 2016.

The Bridge (Bron/Broen)

This Danish-Swedish thriller takes place both in Copenhagen and Malmö. Those who like Nordic Noir, they will love this series. A mysterious murderer, dark colours, depressing environment and a little bit of scandinavian humour. When I moved to Denmark, I felt that this series is a must-watch if you are in Scandinavia, and also I wanted to boost my non-existing Danish knowledge. For me the main bone of the series wasn’t the investigation after the murderer, rather the relationship between the two main characters and their dialouges (the latter one was the funny factor as well). If I have to pick up one thing, why I would definitely recommend this series is the character of the female actress, at the beginning she was so shocking to me, that I couldn’t feel any sympathy for her. Then, as the investigation evolved and I learned more details about the life of the two protagonists, I realized that I can really understand Saga’s intentions and struggles in the life, even if she is everything but average. I know that there are a couple of remakes out there and I haven’t seen them, but what my instincts say, if you haven’t heard about the series but you would like to watch it, start with the Scandinavian version, you won’t regret it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

After all these murders, dramas and dark tones, let’s see a comedy. I know that for a lot of people the ”Friends” is the one and only comedy series, but I think there is life after it as well (no offence, I love Friends too). Thank to the characters, the Brooklyn nine-nine is one of my favourite comedy series, they are crazy, sometimes psychopats and I wouldn’t even trust them to bring me a pizza, but this is exactly which gives the funny factor. My personal favourite is Captain Raymond Holt, I could laugh the whole day at his face expressions (or the lack of them?) and if you have the chance, watch the series in English, worth it. Even the guest actors are memorable and funny, you don’t have the feeling that their appearance was unnecessary and totally pointless.