Hopefully by now everybody recovered from the New Year's Eve party and ready for the next weekend ahead us. Let me give you a short guide to the best bars in Copenhagen, based on my own experiences to make the choice easier.


You'll find only the basic information about the 1105 on its website, but in fact, there is no need for more because its fame speaks for itself. 1105 has been around a while and was inspired by the London hotel bars. It was designed in the spirit of the Danish "hygge" and if you don't mind, you can sit and socialize together with strangers. Many locals and non-locals as well simply consider it as the best in town, because of the vaste cocktail selection and the professional bartenders.


The barking dog
This is my personal favourite from the list, however, I've been there only once. Located in another party district of Copenhagen, Nørrebro, you can be sure that this place is full with party people on Friday/Saturday nights. This bar is smaller than the 1105, so if you arrive in couple or in a smaller group, it is almost sure that you have to share your table with others. The retro atmosphere evokes for me the ruin bars from Budapest and the cocktail menu is creatively edited, with a short story encolsed to the cocktails.


No. 64
The concept of this cozy cocktailbar is that you have to pay 64 DKK (8,5 EUR) for a cocktail. This doesn't affect the quality though. Don't miss the delicious home-made ginger shots, which will warm you up in these cold months and not only because of the ginger, if you know what I mean. During the weekends, it's a good idea to book a table in advance, because it might get very busy, but if you miss it, the good thing is that you don't have to hunt the free tables, because at the entrance the staff will help you right away.


Madam Chu's

This bar is situated at the Gammel Strand, together with other trendy cocktail bars, what makes this outstanding though is its oriental style. After you draw the black curtain, you enter a whole new world. The cocktails are strong, and these 'forbidden delights' come with unusual ingredients such as dill and caramel or red pepper. Don't forget, 'anything is possible and everything is for sale' here.

This one is an exception on the list, but such a great bar that I couldn't leave it out. If you're a huge fan of beers then this is your place to be. Before I moved to Copenhagen, I couldn't really drink any other type than wheat beer, but since then I discovered a whole new world of IPA's, brown ales and red ales. The Taphouse is situated in the very heart of Copenhagen and you can choose over 60 different types of beers, with real rarities and many seasonal offers. Don't get scared of the prices, only 2 glasses of beers kick off the party and your good mood.