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Traveloth (formel Gooose) is an online magazine dedicated to travel, lifestyle and cocktail gastronomy. Here at Traveloth we work hard on our contents to reflect back on our lifestyle, which means the freedom what traveling gives to us.


Our aim is to create a community which members share the same values and interests like us. We would like to provide stunning content about travelling, photography and gastronomy.

Collect memories... not things... Travelling is in our DNA, we love to explore new places around our planet and take stunning photos and videos about our journeys.

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Looks good, smells good and tastes good! We are passionate about gastronomy especially cocktail gastronomy and thrilled to taste the best cocktails around the world.

We hope you will enjoy our content, with love from:
The Traveloth Team


We are travellers, photographers, content creators, cocktail lovers and friends from the different part of the world united to share beautiful stories with you.

Photo of Krisztian Tabori

Krisztian Tabori
Photographer & Designer_

Creative professional (design, videography, photography and development) from Copenhagen, wokes at Dixa as the Lead Product Designer (Customer service made easy). Previously worked at Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Dribbble, 500px and check out his author page.

Photo of Gabriella Mandrik

Gabriella Mandrik
Author [Travel]_

Tourism Master Student from Copenhagen. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter and check out her author page.

Photo of Roland Tabori

Roland Tabori
Author [Cocktail Gastronomy]_

Cocktail lover and Professional Bartender. Follow him on Instagram and check out his author page.

Photo of Bence Szabo

Bence Szabo
Content Creator_

Follow him on Instagram.

Photo of Bence Golya

Bence Golya
Content Creator_

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Photo of Viktor Suha

Viktor Suha
Content Creator_

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